Booyah Vitality, a family-run health drinks company from St Leonards, has completed a rebrand in time to help fuel most people’s new year health drives. 

Lisa Driver, founder of Booyah Vitality and a naturopathic nutritional therapist is on a mission to help people stay healthy by consuming more nutrients to boost their immune systems. “Health is at the forefront of most people’s minds because of the pandemic,” says Lisa. 

According to a recent study by consumer research company Mintel, approximately a quarter of the British population have been motivated to consume more nutrients that support their immune systems during the pandemic, and 75% of consumers are seeking healthier products due to Covid-19. This has seen a significant increase in demand for Booyah Vitality’s products, including its kombucha, a naturally sparkling fermented tea that contains live bacteria which is good for the gut and immune system.

Lisa Driver, founder of Booyah Vitality

Lisa explains: “The difference with our kombucha is that it’s raw and unpasteurised, and because it retains all the healthy bacteria and antioxidants that boost immunity, it packs a massive probiotic punch that you won’t find in supermarket brands.” 

Lisa adds: “All of our drinks also help support the liver during detoxification. Dandelion coffee is a delicious caffeine-free alternative to coffee and a natural diuretic, turmeric helps renew liver cells and kombucha is a powerful antioxidant that kills off free radicals which can damage liver cells.”

The relaunch during lockdown didn’t come without its challenges. Lisa explains: “This year has been tough for everyone. It was a risk launching a company at the start of the pandemic but during a successful summer concession on Hastings Pier we had to make over 200 litres of drinks a week to keep up with demand. 

“I had people tell me that they didn’t like kombucha until they tasted ours,” says Lisa. “So, we knew we needed to scale up production and we were determined to press forward with the relaunch when the national lockdown in January was announced.”

We’re on a mission to keep the nation healthy as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle

Fortunately for Lisa, her husband, Phillip was on hand to help, as his job as a deep-sea diver had been put on hold during the pandemic. Working with Larking, a Hastings-based design and marketing agency, the aim was to create a new visual identity that would differentiate Booyah Vitality as a premium craft drinks brand amongst competitors and clearly communicate the brand’s core products and flavours. “It’s been a long journey, but we’re delighted with the new branding,” says Lisa. 

As well as free and safe local doorstep deliveries on Fridays, Booyah Vitality drinks are sold UK-wide. “We’re on a mission to keep the Nation healthy as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle to help the fight against the impact of Covid,” says Lisa. 

“We only use glass bottles so that we don’t expose our customers to any harmful chemicals from plastic and we switched to dark brown bottles for our kombucha to protect the probiotics from UV light, making each bottle ‘Health in a Glass’.

“We’ve also introduced family-sized bottles because customers had been complaining that their kids had been pinching their kombucha – which couldn’t be a better endorsement.”

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