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Let’s be clear, HIP will always be free at distribution points throughout Hastings and St Leonards. But we don’t want to stop there! We want to ramp up the media training we offer, host regular events, offer in-house work-experience and improve our outreach.

That’s where you come in. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps us expand our services. The more services HIP can provide, the more experience our volunteers receive. The bigger the paper grows, the more revenue is kept within our beloved community.

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13 reviews for Make a Donation

  1. Ben Hamilton

    I hope this is the first of many donations.

    As far as the paper is concerned I have an obvious bias but let’s face it…. on the newsstand there is no alternative..
    Keep up the good work every one.

  2. Paul Owen

    Happy to donate a fiver to HIP, I’ve been a contributor since post conception and birth and will write again when the looming retirement kicks in

  3. John Purdy

    An impressive local newspaper. Just what Hastings needs. Keep up the good work!

  4. Christopher Hurrell

    The HIP is essential to local democracy in Hastings. It covers issues that the Obscurer fails to cover

  5. Jerry Adley

    Happy to support independent nes publications.

  6. Adam Wide

    It is SO important that proper independent journalism flourishes at the local level. Keep up the excellent work …

  7. L. Mason

    I love reading HIP, you do a grand job. Please continue to send stocks to Rye Railway Station. Kind regards, Lucie in the ticket office,

  8. John & Chris Purdy

    Keep up the good work! It’s really good to see a truly independent local paper doing fine investigative journalism.

  9. Anonymous

    The paper just gets better and better. Keep it up!

  10. Jennifer Anderson

    Just made a donation. Keep it up, represent ‘stings! from your Brooklyn fans xoxox

  11. liz giambrone

    keep going, I support you and thank you

  12. Victor Liew

    Always support HIP!

  13. Bryan Fisher

    Just made a donation as I strongly believe that independent local news could not survive without the efforts of dedicated staff of papers such as HIP! Keep up your good work!!

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