Since the company’s launch in February 2014, Hastings Independent Press has continued to issue its flagship publication, Hastings Independent, every fortnight. HIP, as the paper is locally known, is unique in that it has no Editor-in-Chief – all decisions regarding the paper’s content are made by the individual, voluntary section editors and the content providers (the community). HIP prides itself on being a platform for new community writers to express their views and become a part of an important social project.   

As a free newspaper, HIP is an important source of local news and information for the community, especially those who cannot afford other local media or who are not internet savvy. But HIP is not just a community newspaper – it is a community service that provides training and experience in journalism, sub editing, design, marketing and event management. 

These are important times for free independent press and the survival of local newspaper publishing. Unbiased journalism and open expression are vital but are becoming increasingly scarce these days. In the UK, five companies now account for 80% of the regional press, and the true source behind much web-based news content is uncertain. 


These are exciting times for Hastings Independent Press. Our online readership continues to grow due to our regular content and video shorts. An increasing number of people are writing for the paper and we receive more and more letters from readers responding to published articles or raising new ideas. Volunteer writers have published supplements on education, art, the environment, children’s events and community projects and more are planned.  We have also launched quarterly social events in order to encourage community involvement and get people from different sectors talking to each other.     

Come on board.

We are now introducing the Friends of HIP membership scheme. Becoming a Friend will enable you, as a reader or supporter, to have more of a say in HIP content and become an important part of this growing media group.

If you are a regular reader, or simply believe in the free press, show your commitment now by becoming a part of this unique social project.

Friend of HIP benefits include:

  • Invitation to the quarterly HIP Social plus other events
  • Invitation to Friends of HIP meetings and surveys to have your say on content 
  • Quarterly email newsletter

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