The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how important it is to work together and support each other. Information and connections are vital. We need to build a sense of community like never before.. 

That’s why Hastings Independent Press is so important. 

We are run by volunteers, ‘by and for the community’, but right now HIP needs your help to survive.

The newspaper’s only source of income is advertising, mainly from local, small-scale events and shops who are now also struggling. 

If you enjoy reading HIP and want to support free, independent, community-based journalism then please join our Friends Scheme. For the price of a coffee each month you can help us keep going. 

Thanks to our current Friends, HIP is continuing online. However, if just a few more people joined the scheme it can return to print.

Unbiased journalism and open expression are becoming scarce. In the UK, five companies now account for 80% of the regional press. In addition to being a community newspaper HIP also provides training and experience in journalism. Volunteer writers have published supplements on education, art, the environment, children’s events and community projects and more are planned. 

Please help HIP continue to reflect the vibrant life of Hastings, encourage community involvement and get people from different sectors talking to each other. 

Friend of HIP benefits include

  • Support local journalism
  • Monthly prize draw – minimum value: £30*
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  • Invitation to social and other events (on hold during lockdown)
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