Should any reader wish to make a complaint, please submit it in writing to [email protected] in accordance with the following steps:
All complaints must include the page number and issue date with reference to the specific article in question.
(Important because HIP has editors for each section, but no overall editor)

Please provide a detailed description of the complaint, with reference to specific words, phrases, images, instances, dates and records that are relevant

Who can complain?
Complaints must be made on behalf of a named individual only. This includes complaints where businesses and organisations are involved 
In submitting a complaint, you must provide your full name, address, phone number and email. 
Confidentiality will be respected

What can I complain about? 
Any article, in print or online, including words, images and audio/video content and/or about the conduct of an individual journalist
Complaints must be made within six weeks of publication
HIP will not reply to complaints where offensive language is used against a volunteer writer or the community interest company.

Complaints process 
HIP will confirm receipt of the complaint within seven days via email and endeavour to reply fully within 21 working days
HIP will investigate the complaint to the best of its ability and respond accordingly
If HIP upholds your complaint, you will be informed of any remedial action.