Re 5G Network Rollout – Who Does It Benefit? [HIP 153]

I find the repeated mantra of ‘it’s going to change our world for the better’ quite untrue. The ‘benefits’ seem so minor, I prefer to see a clear view of the sky unclouded by drones zipping over head – one was flown over my garden a few weeks ago and it sounded like a wasp twice the size of man (I felt startled!), the noise overhead was unrelaxing although some distance away, need I add I was wondering who was peeping into my garden. I wouldn’t find a driverless car a relaxing experience either, I would feel concerned human error could be replaced by system error. Benefits don’t seem particularly life changing. 

My other question is, why would anyone feel so impatient that they can’t wait two minutes to download a film or whatever rather than seconds? (I think that might require therapy rather than a technology upgrade) and perhaps deal with the real issue. I can’t see how all the resources required for 5G (millions of antenna, great expense, etc.) are worth it for what seems unnecessary, and as a society we could do so much more to support our wellbeing in other ways (even if there were no potential health implications, which it’s clear there are). I’ve not heard a single person (apart from those in the media) say they’re excited about 5G, can’t wait for their washing machine to talk to them, give up driving or whatever, or are excited about rollout in any way – therefore this push doesn’t appear demand-led, on the contrary, it’s rather something we’re expected to accept – It would seem those set to benefit most are those who desire to track movement, possibly the security services, perhaps foreign government agencies too or others with the capability, posing far too much risk to privacy and potentially liberties and health for such small ‘benefits’. To take some responsibility on my part, I’ve chosen to use my consumer vote: no wifi in the house – only hard cable, no smart meter at new home etc. would never accept deliveries via drones (unless in an emergency), I have explained to my mobile provider I do not wish to upgrade to 5G and have written to EE’s CEO’s office. 

Hopefully the 5G judicial review will be a success. 

Re 5G Network Rollout – Who Does It Benefit? [HIP 155] 

You are right, we should be concerned but not just about job losses, which are important. Many major independent studies have found 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G (which will arguably be worse with the multiple small antennas needed) to have negative impacts on ALL forms of life: humans – especially infants and children – other mammals including birds and marine life, bees and other insects, and all plant life. We don’t need it when we have fast cable services available which are much safer and do not pose the invasion-of-privacy issues and the dangers to all life that 5G does. Many people feel that, if we go ahead with this without further research into its safety, perhaps when it comes to our natural world virtual reality will be all that’s left.
Name and Address supplied

Re Kicking Up A Stink [HIP 155] 

Superb opinion piece by Rod Webb – gloves off, he nails it. HBC have totally set themselves up in this l-o-n-g slow-motion car crash. When it all goes tits up they’ve no one to blame but themselves, as the community have gone to great in-depth lengths to warn them – even despite the council not allowing the community any proper consultation. Shame on you HBC. Since this story was written the campaign has set up a new online petition with as supporters were finding the HBC site petition problematic to use ~
Esther Williams

Re Kicking Up A Stink [HIP 155] 

We do not want housing on this site. When will this council get it into their heads? We want something that visitors and local people will enjoy, not blocks of high rise flats. It would be criminal to put high rise flats on this precious site.
P O’Keefe

It was great to see Juliet’s support of trans people [Riots Rows and Rainbows, HIP 155] 

Allies supporting the trans community are always welcomed. There is a current public resurgence in anti-trans bigotry. The Hastings and Rother Rainbow Alliance Trans Support Group helps anyone who is questioning their gender identity or transitioning, offering support to individuals and their families. They also give talks to local groups to help educate. Being trans is not a threat to anyone and is merely a medical condition that, when treated, becomes life affirming. Trans men are men, trans women are women. Trans people come in all shapes and sizes and are not always visible, they are ordinary people and often valuable community members. It’s really not a big deal. 
Chrissy Brand 
@hrra_t on Twitter or email [email protected]

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