Some local wellbeing activities for you to look up, take part in or dive into!


Dearest friends of curious creative and wild nature, every Monday Emma Leech holds a 5 Rhythms Movement as Meditation dance session. “I move from my dining room that has become my dance studio, a compromise but a lifeline, moving the body is better than not, even if it feels strange at first, to move at home, like nobody is watching… and they are not ! You can even turn off the video screen.”

The body holds emotion, so to move releases tension, empties out old stored up energy creating space to feel less stressed.

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Over this past year Arts on Prescription has experienced a rise in referrals from doctors and support teams for people needing to benefit from accessing art for wellbeing. Many people are deeply affected by Lockdown. Many are carers unable to access community spaces or people who have been furloughed and are feeling very isolated or anxious about the changes they are facing. The pandemic has been damaging to people’s mental health. 

Attending Art for Wellbeing is no magic wand, but participants report they feel better equipped to manage their stress; talking to others and learning or developing new skills has improved their wellbeing. Their professional team of artists and wellbeing practitioners offer weekly funded spaces to those referred via their GP or Support Team. 

Email [email protected] for more information or to book your space for the new term of activities, or visit


On 14th April local permaculture expert Anna Locke launched this wonderful book, featuring local growing projects. Read on for more on the book from independent publishers Permanent Publications.

This practical guide shows you how to create your own edible sanctuary, for year round food, in any sized garden, with minimal effort and care for Nature too. Go foraging at your own back door!

Anna Locke condenses years of her own hands-on experience as a garden designer to walk you through all the skills and techniques you need to design and plant a delicious, useful and thriving garden. Whether it’s a few plant pots on a patio, a small urban back yard, or a bigger garden or smallholding in the country, you will learn how to create a wildlife friendly space for minimal cost.

To buy the book visit:

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