By Caf Fean 

As we enter a new season, the days begin to feel warmer and we can celebrate the joy that spring brings. Here’s a hit-list of things to do to make you feel good.

Try at least three, and I’ll do the same. Please email me to let me know how you got on! [email protected] 

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Morning smile and stretch
Wake up, stretch and smile to yourself.

Do a series of box breathing exercises. Breathe in for a count of four, hold for four, breathe out for four, hold for four and repeat.

Start the day with a brilliant breakfast.

No phone for your first hour
I dare you not to look at your phone or digital device for the first hour of your day!

Walking meditation
Walk around the block, noticing everything growing: the buds on the trees, the blossom, the bees, birds and insects. Listen.

Field recordings
Take your phone out with you on a walk. Record the sounds you hear, stamp over a bridge, slosh through a puddle, brush past some leaves. Listen back to it later with a cup of tea.

Dig or plant 
Plant some seeds, do some weeding, or both (if you don’t have any seeds, email me and I’ll post you some).

Write a letter
… to your future self. Tell them your hopes and dreams for their wellbeing.
… to your sixteen-year-old self. What would you tell them?
… to that person you keep meaning to text – and post it!

Spend time with a friend
Call or text a friend and arrange a time for a walk, then stick to it.

Sing a song LOUDLY while in the shower or doing the washing up, or both.

Treat those feet
Sit down, take time to give your feet some TLC: use a moisturiser, give them a massage and pop them in some cosy socks. 

Jump up and down, from side to side, until you feel hot – then do your best bad dancing – add music. Add a hairbrush – mime at yourself in the mirror – see if you’re smiling by the end of it!

Cuppa in the sun
Take time to have a cup of tea in the sunshine with a book.

West Hill doodle
Stand at the top of the West Hill and choose your favourite building. Sit down and draw it.

Book in
Make a massage, haircut or nail treatment appointment.

Go to the sea 
… and play ‘plop’ (throw stones into the sea as the waves come in).

Walk in the park 
… and look out for bird nests, fox and rabbit holes.

Pick up a book
… and read the first five pages in one sitting.

• Bake some cupcakes 
… and deliver them to your friends. 

Remember a loved one
Light a candle for the friend or relative you’re missing the most.

Ride a bike along the seafront.

Street music
Pick up a stick and run it along some railings.

Walk along a low wall and jump off the end then skip along a bit.

Eat your greens!
Go to a greengrocers and pick up some gorgeous fresh fruit and veg.

Nature appreciation
Do a tree rubbing.
Learn about a British bird and share your new fact with a friend.
Learn about a native tree. 

Put up some bunting, just because!

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