Voicing Thoughts on ‘Thoughts and Voices’

Thoughts and Voices is a new space in HIP subtitled ‘Comment and Opinion on Matters That Matter’ and designed to house, well, exactly this! We wanted to create an open space in which people are free to set out their views on what they consider to be the pressing political issues of the moment, and also to react and respond to views expressed by others, both on this page and in HIP generally.

In each edition this page will usually feature a mix of letters and also a comment piece exploring an issue in slightly more detail, by both individuals and local grassroots and community organisations. As the page is intended to be a place for dialogue, there will be times when the page will feature written ‘conversations’ between voices that have a different take on the same view. It aims to be a forum for thought-provoking content but expressed in a respectful manner. In increasingly polarised and heated (in all senses!) times, the need for debate, which can be both passionate and considerate, is more vital than ever. 

If you feel strongly about an issue which feels ‘political’ to you and you can talk about this in a way that manages to be engaging and inspiring but also well-reasoned and rooted in fact (T&V is delighted to find itself in the position of having a stricter Anti-Fake News policy than several Major World Leaders) – then we really need to hear from you!

In the spirit of an open space, we are ‘open’ to pitches on any political issue that appeals to the writer, but here are some serving suggestions to chew on:

• Environment
• Climate Change
• Poverty
• Identity 
• Economic ideas
• Community Cohesion
• Inter-generational issues
• Political Engagement

In providing ‘food for thought’”, diners are also encouraged to go off-menu… If you want to have a ‘conversation’ on a particular topic, you are welcome to approach us either as a ‘pair’, or we can find you another side to your perspective. 

I am delighted to have begun my time as the steward of this show. Hastings is in my blood. Like so many Hastings residents of a certain age era, I was born in the Buchanan Hospital as then was – I have spent my whole life trying not to take its subsequent demolition personally… I have lived in the town for most of my life and care desperately about its fortune and wellbeing – and love being in a town where everybody else cares as much as I do about making the town, and indeed the wider world, a better place. 

The Hastings and St Leonards area is almost dizzying in its diversity of opinion and community activity. Opinions are like noses – everybody has one. No truer words could be said about our town. 

I am looking forward to getting to work on your contributions. 

Juliet Harris
Editor, Thoughts and Voices
[email protected]

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