Hastings Speaks launches an exciting new project to create a modern Domesday record of ordinary people’s lives in Hastings in 2016 as part of the Root 1066 International Festival.

Using diaries, blogs, pictures, photos and spoken word events, we will be working with the Mass Observation Archive to create a call out for residents to complete a Diary Day on 12 May. We want to create a comprehensive snapshot of life in Hastings in 2016: what gets us out of bed, what makes us laugh and drives us crazy?

Throughout Spring 2016 we will host a series of face to face events, neighbourhood meetings, and workshops to invite people to get involved. We will also run a series of FREE workshops on diaries and creative writing and Mass Observations in Hastings and St Leonards.


Once diaries are completed they will be uploaded to our Hastings Speaks Blog:
www.hastingsspeaks.blogspot.co.uk. The best entries will be published in a Hastings Speaks Magazine. The project culminates in a spoken word event in October, as part of the 1066contemporary festival, where will be inviting people to share their   diary entries, focusing on the headlines emerging from the project.


If you would like to know more about Hastings Speaks or get involved (we are ac­tively looking for volunteers), please call Chris on 07738 763161 or Bev on 07901 916288 or email: [email protected]. To follow what we’re doing check out our Facebook page: Hastings Speaks.

Hastings Speaks is part of the ROOT 1066 International Festival, a festival of contemporary arts inspired by the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and funded by Hastings Borough Council and Arts Council England.

For all the latest news and information go to www.1066contemporary.com, like the Facebook page ‘ROOT1066’ or follow ‘ROOT1066’ on Twitter and Instagram.

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