A group of local artists have been offered a Vacant Space – a residency, in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. The residency is supported by Axisweb, a network for artists in the UK. 

Amanda Jobson, organiser of the residency project, said: “During Covid-19 some of us have been looking at and embracing nature, growing seeds in abundance, vital wildflowers, feeders for pollinators, which keep our food chain going.

Nature’s Seeds by Amanda Jobson

“The slowdown of lockdown has given us time to review nature and create artworks through a different process. Some of our usual materials have not been available, and using natural materials instead has become the norm: clay sourced from the ground, sun prints made from the sun, and the painting of flowers to invigorate the soul, medicinally and holistically.

Vision of nature by Linda Williams

“As lockdown eases we are collaborating and opening the shutters in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre, in an empty, vacant space, to show our shared vision of nature. The artists collaborating on this project are: Sharon Haward, Mary Hooper, Amanda Jobson, Paula MacArthur, Clare Whistler, Linda Williams.”

The project opens on Wednesday 12th August, from 4pm-6pm and will reopen on various dates throughout August. Face masks must be worn in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. Vacant Space is opposite the Vodaphone store.

For more info, contact Amanda Jobson, organiser of the project, on 07885 779534.

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