The charter is a set of principles that cover freelance musicians’ working conditions and sets out minimum terms and conditions for musicians working in the sector. Venues are encouraged to sign up to the charter and work towards meeting these and adhering to basic principles. 

The Audiotrope good practice charter commits its members to: 

1. Fair pay/real living wage 
Professional musicians require a wage to cover living costs and in order to perform have rehearsal fees, travel, porterage, subsistence as well as insurance, wear and tear on equipment etc. As professionals £100 is a basic wage if these individuals are to continue to live in our community and perform locally.

2. Fair hours and contracts/agreements 
Agreements should be honoured including set times/lengths. Professional musicians require and deserve some stability to their income, and cancellation fees, as well as other basic terms, should be standard. 

3. Employee wellbeing 
Wellbeing in terms of environment and other considerations including mental health. Bullying, racism, etc should be not tolerated. 

4. Employee representation 
The right for anyone employed by you to be supported in seeking help from Audiotrope or other union/body. 

5. Diversity and inclusion 
To support diversity in all areas, from employees, to programming. 

6. Prompt payment 
This is key to the mental health of musicians and the support of the creative economy.

What are the benefits? 

1. Gaining the trust and respect of musicians/customers/organisers/promoters. 

2. Your business is directly underpinning your town’s creative economy. 

3. Audiotrope programming at your venue/co-marketing and assistance with funding. 

4. Window sticker/vinyl to display you have signed up to the charter. 

5. Information sharing with other members of the charter/networking events. 

6. Collaborations/greater press and awareness/bigger collective brand to market regionally and nationally.”

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