Sue Warren full sized image (1)Are you a Daigle or a FitzRolf? Do you know a Devereaux, a Morton or a Duffey? If so, two local photographers want to hear from you.

Photographers Nigel Green and Andrew Moran are searching for modern-day Normans, by tracking down the descendants of William the Conqueror’s companions at the famous battle. The ‘I am a Norman’ project is part of the upcoming Root 1066 festival, which celebrates the battle’s 950 year anniversary.

They have compiled a list of surnames of those who are known to have taken part in the battle. If your surname is derived from the 18 shown, and you’re willing to be photographed and share some information about your history, they would like to hear from you.

The final selection of images will be shown in local public spaces in the 1066 area in September 2016, and the historic information will be passed on to the Hastings History House as part of a modern public archive.

“We want to have a conversation with people who are willing to be a part of the photographic exhibition of the new Normans,” says Nigel Green. “The pictures might be portraits, landscapes or images of objects. The decision will lay with the Norman participant. We want to share information with the public and to show the images in everyday public spaces, celebrating our heritage and our famous history.”

The pair have set up a website where people with these surnames can share information about themselves – And for more information about the project, you can contact Andrew Moran on [email protected].

The companions’ names (and modern derivations)

  • Beaumont
  • Boulogne (Boleyn)
  • Evreaux (Devereaux)
  • Mortagne (Mort)
  • FitzOsbern (Osborne)
  • Thouars (Thairs)
  • Giffard (Gifford)
  • Montfort (Montford)
  • Warenne (Warren)
  • Malet (Mallet)
  • Bayeaux (Bayeux)
  • FitzRolf
  • De Laigle (Daigle)
  • Mowbray
  • Mortain (Morton)
  • D’Auffey (Duffey)
  • De Tosny
  • Grandmesnil

The photo is by Nigel Green and shows Sue Warren, of Ore, who chose to be photographed on the fishing beach.

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