Part of the New Arts and Technology Festival coming to Hastings 

From the 18th to the end of March, AltPitch Arts and Technology Festival will explore the human aspect of technology, the relationship between the digital world and humanity, and the responsibility that comes with it. A week of exciting performances and supporting events will provoke thoughts and debates, encourage creativity and innovation, question our daily use of technology and will leave the audience hungry for more answers.

The AltPitch Platform is a collaborative partnership between digital and creative businesses and arts practitioners as part of the AltPitch Festival. The Platform programme aims to stimulate creativity within the business community. It hopes to develop the wider involvement of the workforce in creative activities, build the connection between business and artistic objectives, and improve the ability of businesses to see their activity within a wider cultural and social perspective. It will be a one-day event of presentations, talks and networking, hosted at East Sussex College on Friday 20th March. 

Ecolistening by Alice Eldridge

Currently confirmed speakers:
• Brandon Relph, an entrepreneur who made his fortune at the age of 15 running a video game channel from his bedroom. Now, aged 19, he is working on creating his own production company. At the Platform, he and his associate Lizzie Hodgson will be running a live podcast session.

• Esther Fox, a Hastings-based artist who works nationally on creating and curating artistic projects that explore the ethics of technological progress. At the Platform, she will be giving her own view on how the arts can help find solutions to modern problems.

• Victor Lander, a London-based Russian producer and writer who works with Avocado Toast on large scale experimental videos for Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Microsoft. For the Platform, he is running a workshop on how to create evocative content in the given time and space.

• Joumana Mourad, a dance specialist whose company IJAD works on educational dance projects using VR and other digital technology. For the Platform, she will be running a workshop exploring how ways of movement in a physical space can aid human cooperation.

Anastasia Witts, Executive Producer, says: “The arts need businesses to understand the needs of the society, of the real people in the real world. Businesses need the artists to tackle the complex problems our world is currently facing. We are slowly but surely realising that we cannot carry on as we did constantly chasing up material gains at the expense of the people and the planet. 

Esther Fox gives speech
PHOTOGRAPH: Christopher Lanaway

The Z-X Spectrum Podcast

With the Platform we want to start this conversation in depth and to open up opportunities for people from different walks of life to do something about it”.

Miles Berkley, Co-Producer, says: “Britain must have innovation. And innovation happens when people working in different fields meet and work together. Sparks fly, igniting a furnace of ideas. Relationships are forged. All in the white heat of art, technology and the imagination”.

The Platform Details: Station Plaza, East Sussex College, Hastings, Friday 20 March, 10.00–17.00, £35 (incl. Lunch), 25 free tickets for under 25s. Ticket source: 

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