Topolytics, an award-winning data analytics business, is working with the Ordnance Survey to create a system to monitor and track all of the UK’s waste. The firm was selected by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to design a ‘smart’ system to capture the more than 20 million movements of waste from their sources through to final processing or disposal; tracking all inert and hazardous waste from households, local authorities, businesses and the construction sector. 

Topolytics CEO, Michael Groves, said: “Our combination of waste industry experience, software development, data science and geospatial analytics is a powerful mix.”

Government wants to know more about how the UK’s waste is generated, handled and processed in order to improve oversight, maximise the value of waste materials and minimise its damage to the environment. Topolytics has been recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a global circular economy innovator and by Cleantech Group as one of the leading ‘smart waste’ companies.

Worldwide, most waste still ends up in landfill sites or unregulated waste dumps, representing a significant economic loss with negative consequences for the environment and society. Topolytics helps companies capture more value from waste material. Its data is accessed by recyclers, who recover materials and bring them back into production.

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