Helping you help the environment

The last fortnight has seen an onslaught of apocalyptic news, catastrophic climate change on the horizon and one million species at risk of extinction. Things couldn’t be more serious, but when wondering what to do on a personal level much advice seems to involve frustratingly token actions, like ending plastic straws or changing lightbulbs. Such things should go without saying if we addressed the problem with a response that fits its almighty scale.

The theme of this year’s Sustainability on Sea festival, organised by Transition Town Hastings and Energise Sussex Coast, is ‘What we can do?’. Ultimately, to save the environment requires system change, however in the mean time here are some really useful individual initiatives. 

Eating: Switching to a majority plant-based diet is the most impactful lifestyle change. Meat and dairy are responsible for 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

At home: Hastings and St Leonards has a problem of old, draughty Victorian housing stock, so do everything you can to cut back on the amount of energy your house needs to heat it. Turn the thermostat down to 18 degrees, insulate and draught proof. Switch to a renewable energy supplier.

Travel: Flying is high carbon, one flight to New York and back uses over a year’s worth of an individual’s carbon footprint. Day to day, cycling and walking are best with public transport for longer journeys.  

In the garden: Plant trees to capture carbon and gardens designed to serve bees, insects and other wildlife. Find derelict local spaces and seed them too!

• Watch this space for more local inspiration on Sustainable living.

• To get involved with Sustainability On Sea, 21st-29th September email
[email protected] 

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