Neil del Strother talks us through his first reflexology appointment.

The word ‘sensuality’ sums up my experience of Reflexology treatment, I had no idea my feet were quite so sensitive. 

“You can treat anywhere in the body through your feet,” my Reflexology Practitioner Sarah Corrie explained in her deeply calming voice. “All the meridians are accessible from them and a great many nerve endings too. Different areas of your feet correspond to different parts of the body.”

It might be tempting to dismiss this as guff, except that Sarah accurately diagnosed a shoulder strain and a stiff lower back without me saying a thing. Apparently, the corresponding parts of my feet felt a bit ‘crystally’. 

Talking of which, Sarah offers a deluxe treatment that involves using rose quartz and other crystals to open your chakras as she works on your feet. It is perhaps fortunate I didn’t experience this option, as I was literally unable to form a coherent sentence after my treatment. I was so totally relaxed I floated out of the otherworld of the treatment room into the chilly badlands of the Old Town. 

Sarah explained that reflexology dates back to Egyptian times (there are papyrus pictures that perhaps support this claim, I’ve checked) and that it’s a fantastic treatment to relax the whole body. As it only focuses on your feet, and sometimes hands, it’s also perfect for those who aren’t in a position to have a full body massage, such as people in care homes and hospitals.

“Deep relaxation is fantastic for sleep and stress and healing in general,” Sarah added. “I came to it myself 14 years ago after a serious illness and it helped me to relax and fully recover. I know first hand that it works.” 

To book an appointment with Sarah in the Old Town or the Wellington Centre call  07780 608 909 or email [email protected]
£50 for an hour’s treatment, £30 for 30 minutes.

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