It’s not exactly news that Veganism is on the rise. With over 542,000 people now following a vegan diet in the UK, that’s a 300% increase in the last 10 years, according to the Vegan society. The UK is starting to open its eyes to the environmental and health benefits a vegan lifestyle can offer, and Hastings is all over it.

Vegan businesses are popping up and thriving all over town and more and more people are opting for veganism. Hastings now boasts 3 fully vegan cafes and restaurants, Cafe Gratitude, Sham City Roasters and Nicos Kitchen, and even a vegan hotel, The Bay Tree. Soya milk is a staple in nearly all coffee shops and most local restaurants are responding to the demand by offering a vegan option, if not a vegan menu. Take The Imperial pub, for example, offering vegan pizzas, and Half Man Half Burger who offer vegan burgers.

With the UN releasing statistics that indicate that livestock farming is arguably the leading cause of deforestation and produces more emissions per year than the entire transportation industry combined, Hastings is really doing its bit for climate change, and showing compassion to our fellow beings by embracing this way of life and eating less meat.

In comparison with other British holiday destinations, Hastings could arguably be the most vegan friendly in the UK, which does wonders for the tourism industry. “Last summer when we opened our Vegan Pop Up at least 10% of our customers were tourists who chose Hastings for their day trip/weekend away based purely on the fact that the town is vegan/vegetarian friendly” said Nicola Di Russo, head chef at Nicos Kitchen. It seems day-trippers and weekenders with a love for all things veggie are making Hastings their number one destination.

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