By Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen
Baby, it’s cold outside and I’ve been layering-up like nobody’s business! It’s most definitely feeling colder and with the mercury set to fall further it’s even more crucial to ensure that we’re nourishing ourselves with essential vitamins and minerals to fight infections and colds.

This non-dairy latte blend is bursting with anti-oxidants and the addition of turmeric ramps -up its anti-bacterial properties, too! Yay! This can assist with alleviating inflammation in the gut which helps to boost the immune system.

70% of our immune system is in the gut so keeping it in tip-top order and our lovely flora flourishing, we can feel amazing.

Shopping List
1 tsp of chai powder
half a tsp of cinnamon
half a tsp of turmeric

• Add a little hot water to these 3 ingredients to make a paste.
• Meanwhile, warm 200ml of coconut milk on the stove. Add paste and simmer. If you have one of those nifty whisks, give it a blast until it foams slightly.
• Serve in your favourite mug and sprinkle with cinnamon. This warming, nourishing, energy-boosting bevvie is a great alternative to coffee and it’ll make you feel all festive inside! (Or is that just me?!?)

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