Here in the soufflé and whisk of Christmas cheer I have decided to give you something,. I know, iI know, all you have done is taken, but I’m so generous, that even though you have scraped my bowl clean, mopped up every bit of my tireless dedication with your scraggy bit of bread and still asked for pudding, I’ve written you a happy fun-time quiz. I can’t stop sharing, but really the pleasure is 0.01% mine. As the rapture of delight encapsulates your skirmish of unrivalled joy, don’t forget that some people don’t get given quizzes for Christmas. Remember, too, don’t take your tiny child round all the inns, asking to be let in, – cough-up and get a babysitter, b’jesus god almighty.

(The numbers in brackets are the amount of components being asked for)

1. Can you name the key ingredients of these three cocktails?(ice is not counted as an ingredient)
a) Harvey Wallbanger (3)
b) Hooded Claw (3)
c) Dark and stormy (4)

2. Where in the world do these traditional Christmas foods come from, (we’re talking countries)
a) Kucios
b) Tamales
c) Kolivo
d) Melomakarona
e) Bacalao
f) Saffron buns

3. Which period of British history does bread sauce come from?

4. In these countries, what do the children leave out for Santa and his reindeer, on
Christmas eve  (1 main component )
a) Sweden
b) Australia
c) Denmark
d) Argentina
e) Chile

5. What five ingredients make my late Granny B’s favourite cocktail at Christmas, a Snowball?

6. In which direction would you stir mincemeat for good luck: clockwise or anticlockwise clockwise?

7. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck?

8. Which 17th century killjoy made mince pies illegal?

9. Alexandre Balthazar Laurent Grimond de la Reyniare, a man so mad he faked his own death to see
who attended his funeral, wrote a “roast without equal”. The “Roti sans Pareil” is 17 birds stuffed inside each other: can you name the 17 poor birdies? A big bummer for all of them, but a point for each.

10. Which country would you be in, if KFC was your Christmas eve dinner of choice?

Answers below


1a.  Vodka, orange juice, Galliano; b. Amaretto, Cointreau, prune juice; c. dark rum, tequila, ginger beer, espresso;
2a. Lithuania; 2b. Costa Rica; 2c. Bulgaria; 2d. Greece; 2e. Mexico; 2f. Sweden;
3. Medieval times;
4a. coffee; 4b. cold beer; 4c. rice pudding; d. hay; e. rich fruit cake;
5. Advocaat, cognac, lemonade, cherries;
6. Clockwise;
7. Wattle;
8. Oliver Cromwell;
9. bustard, turkey, goose, pheasant, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, teal, woodcock, partridge, plover, lapwing, quail, thrush, lark, ortolan and a garden warbler; 10. Japan

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