So I was pootling around in my car, doing my delivering as I do and lost in my own thoughts, obsessing about things that I can’t change, like my carpets and everything that is, only to be pulled back to reality by the feeling that I was hungry and thirsty and had no money on me. Bummers.

PICTURE: Michael D. Meekin Photography

Then I drop off at Rempah pop-up kitchen on Norman Rd and am given a rending curry, coconut rice and pickles. I sat in my car and ate it like a rabid animal, wildly looking around me to see if I had been spotted by the St.Leonards folk who might know me. It was so spicy and rendangy, I had to take a deep breath in afterwards, wipe my mouth and give a low level roar.

I got back to my deliveries, pootled down to Marine Court, only to be greeted, as always, by the lovely Rosie at The Edge and given a free  strong and superior black coffee. Some days the universe answers, we all know that’s a load of twaddle, some days are good, some are bad, if it’s a good one, it might be luck or that you have managed to go about your business in a civilised and generous manner.

Getting back to the point, me and my mate went to the Rempah kitchen to formally (I had a bath) eat and, of course, drink wine (It’s BYO).

We were greeted with Malaysian amuse bouche. (Just a minute. I’m going to pop that into Google. French to Malay – menghiburkan mulut. Quite catchy eh?)

First off we had a kind of swirveball poppadom, which was a fried and baked wonton dusted with spicy rendang mix. It was right up my rue/jalan for heat;
my friend found them a little over her threshold; got to train, if you want to be in the Olympics, babes.

Next we had roasted pork belly, also in a rendang rub. Naughty food, food that you think maybe you might have to answer for when you are being judged, you know, at the end. “Yes. I did have it, I DID, and I enjoyed it and some of the fat got stuck in my teeth, and I liked that too, OKAY???”

And (you can’t start a sentence with and and well, I just did, dare to be different) as I turn round at the gates of Heaven or Hell, looking at the queue behind me, growing ever longer and more frustrated I shout “And then I had chicken wings, YES I DID, and they were fried and they were succulent and I gnawed on them, like I needed the nourishment.” then I’m calmly led away by a man with a white beard, who has forgotten my name but that doesn’t matter because my fate awaits me anyway. On a more upbeat note, my mate and me loved the ribboned veg in a soy dressing.

Our main came, Malaysian aubergine and chicken yellow curry, coconut rice and soft boiled eggs. By this time, me and my mate had had a fair bit of wine, me a bit more, I’m in training. We found the combination unexpected. In a way that a sober person might slightly cock their head, we were looking at it as though we had never seen an egg and perhaps didn’t know what rice was. Which is always good, when you get something new and pleasing it was.

  Rempah is a pop-up kitchen, to find out where they are popping up next call:  07414217849 or email: [email protected]

  They are also looking for staff…

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