By Holly Johnson

Hi HWK gang! I hope you’re really well and you had an amazing Christmas. I most certainly put on the brakes and pressed the reset button and my recent little shimmy to the beautiful and majestic land of Austria has definitely blown away the cobwebs.

I actually took my blender with me so I was able to rustle-up some delicious and muscle-restoring blends whilst I was away; 8 hours of mountain walking calls for a protein-rich concoction for sure!

This particular recipe is great for any of you active bunnies out there as cashew nuts are great for replenishing the body after a workout and your gut bacteria will too also be doing a little happy dance owing to the nutrient-dense and vitamin C-rich fruits. 

I hope you love it and wishing you a very happy, healthy, prosperous and of course, smoothielicious 2019!

You will need 
1 cup of frozen lingonberries, 
half a pomegranate, 
1 frozen banana, 
3 tbsp of coconut nectar, 
100g of cashews, 
half a tsp of maca powder, 
300ml of coconut water, ice…

Blend and serve with a side of protein balls!! Top Tip: If you have any smoothie left over, pop in an ice tray and use whenever you’re next whizzing-up a dream in the kitchen! 

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