By Safiya Young

“Which came first,
The chicken or the egg?
I ate the chicken,
And then I ate its leg.”

If you like music and fancy cooking something at home (using only eggs), why not check ch-check check check out this recipe from the Beastie Boys? Hip Hop and humour; so what’ cha what’cha what’cha waiting for? 

“Egg on egg on egg on egg with egg garnish. But you can do it because you’re the Egg Man, 

• Make this with a dozen eggs
(6 for the omelettes and 6 for the fried) 
• Plus 2 more for
the hard-boiled yolk
• ¼ cup milk
• Salt and pepper,
• Olive oil,
• Butter,
• Box of sea urchin uni,
• Tin of caviar or a jar of salmon eggs (ikura).

First, hard-boil 2 eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes, then cool completely, peel and remove the hard yolk, and run the yolk through a strainer or a sieve to get powdered yolk. Now whisk 6 eggs with ¼ cup of milk and season heavily with salt and pepper. Heat a non-stick large pan to low-medium and dab in some olive oil and a couple knobs of butter. Pour in the eggs and shake and swirl. Then use a rubber spatula to keep shaking till it’s a soft scramble. Then let it set for a second, fold it over into an omelette, and put on a large plate. Now wipe that pan and add a touch of olive oil and butter again and crack the other 6 eggs in and cook them sunny-side up. Shingle each egg on top of the omelette in a row. Now layer the uni and dollops of fish eggs on top of the eggs. Then garnish the whole thing with the powdered egg yolk. Boom.”

Extract taken from Beastie Boys Book page 435 (Egg Man recipe)
By Adam Horovitz, Michael Diamond with chef Roy Choi. 
Published by Faber & Faber Ltd, Bloomsbury house. 

Available from most good bookshops and free as an audio book from the library app.

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