By Hattie Ellis

Most of us are now excavating the back of our kitchen cupboards to discover sundry bottles, tins, packets and pots and then working out how to use what’s around.  

Catering experts MYA Consulting have come up with a Challenge-a-Chef scheme to provide answers and inspiration.

Email a list or a photograph of what you’ve got to [email protected] and the MYA chef team will create a recipe for you from random ingredients.  There are two categories, teenage and parents, to encourage young people to cook in the lock-down. 

Hastings-based CEO Carla McKenzie says: “We know a lot of chefs who can’t use their skills at the moment. At the same time, families are having to face up to cooking every day. We can’t fill your cupboards for you, but our chefs can help you whip up something better than you’d expect.” 


MYA is also offering a free consultation to the many food businesses – restaurants, hotels, caterers – who are facing unprecedented challenges in the COVID 19 lock-down. 

“We’re saying to hospitality businesses: ring us,” says Carla. “While you’re in this situation when you’re stymied, you need to try to look forward to the future and look at your business model and how to drive traffic into it when the lock-down gets moved.” 

“Vulnerable businesses might not pick up the phone because of cost and because they’re not sure what they’ll get out of it,” adds Carla, and that is why she has created a service that she hopes will help people at this critical time. “We need to treasure independents – particularly in Hastings, because they form such a deep-rooted part of the town and its creativity, and they’ve lost the peak of a year’s turnover.”

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