A local trust hIMG_20170307_101512_400as announced a one day festival of music, food and arts in the Ore Valley on the site of the old Broomgrove Power Station Site, featuring the grand unveiling of a work by internationally renowned artist and one half of 80s/90s electronic duo The KLF: Jimmy Cauty.

Cauty’s work has visited the town once already last September, in the form of Aftermath Dislocation Principle 1, a 40-foot shipping container filled with a 1:87 miniature landscape depicting a post-riot wasteland dotted with tiny police finding themselves in weird and wonderful predicaments, against a background of radio fuzz and the odd baffling report being radioed in to HQ. This time though ADP 1 is set to be accompanied by ADP 2 and ADP 3, 10ft and 6ft containers respectively, housing “the new Bedford uprising” and “The Bridge”, which have only been revealed once to the public previously. They’ve been under wraps since they arrived onsite in January and the artist is very tight-lipped about precisely what they contain.

All will be revealed on the 8th April as the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust play host to the grand unveiling. Cauty will be on hand himself for the big reveal, as will local councillors who are supporting the work of the community land trust in regenerating a very tricky brownfield site. The site will open at 2PM with free soup for lunch for any visitor, at 3PM there will be speeches from CLT directors and local councillors followed by the Grand Unveiling by Jimmy Cauty himself at 4PM. After that live music will start with an open mic music and poetry session followed by performances from a number of local musicians, with local experimental electronic outfit Vile Electrodes set to headline after sunset around 8pm with an impressive light-show expected.

WP_20161027_11_28_02_Pro (1)The Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust has been setup by local residents with the aim of tackling rising rental prices in the town, by bringing housing and land into community ownership, with the hope that this will allow them to set fair rents with secure tenancies and lock in affordability in perpetuity. The CLT works in the White Rock area as well as Ore Valley. In the White Rock area they hope to use collective investment to buy properties which they will renovate and rent to local people at rates that are genuinely affordable, rather than at the rate dictated by the market; a market which they feel can be easily manipulated by estate agents and property management companies offering over the odds valuations to landlords, in order to increase their own profits at the expense of tenants. In the Ore Valley the CLT are currently in the process of taking ownership of the old Broomgrove Power station Site, a 5 acre site which has stood dormant for some 30+ years owing to various challenges which make it unattractive for traditional developers. They hope to eventually build 50-60 sustainable houses, again at affordable rates for people from the local area, thereby locking in affordability for the future.

A Community Land Trust is a mechanism used by communities across the USA, Canada and the UK to deliver affordable housing and community development, the main aim is to guarantee homes that are affordable based upon what people actually earn in their local area, and to maintain that affordability for every future occupant. The HoHCLT aim to have their rents track the rate of inflation so that if the market rates rise in White Rock and Ore, their properties will remain affordable for low-income earners for ever.

For more info on the project, visit: www.heartofhastings.org.uk

For more info on Jimmy Cauty’s project visit: www.jamescauty.com/work/the-aftermath-dislocation-principle