So the £500,000 proposal by Hastings Harbour Quarter (HHQ) to construct, right in the heart of Hastings’ fishing quarter, a luxury marina for 600 boats, a spanking new harbour (for the fishing fleet) and 1,300 floating houses, (25% of them ‘affordable’), has bitten the dust. Given the location, at the end of Rock-a-Nore Rd, a narrow bottleneck cul-de-sac separating the fishermen’s tall, iconic net-drying huts from the towering, solid cliffs of the East Hill, the plans amounted to nothing more than a surreal fantasy. That this unattainable scheme should ever have passed the laugh-out-loud stage, never mind been approved for further consultation by Hastings Borough Council, is, to most residents of Hastings, barely credible. The question remains; just who, besides the inevitable consultants and HHQ (none of whom, I’m bound to add, were bankrolled by HBC), was ever going to benefit from this harebrained nonsense? And how?

Sniggering used car salesman Nigel Farage, who still draws his salary of €101,000 plus monthly expenses of €4,299, has branded the European parliament “arrogant, rude and vile”, qualities he ought to be well acquainted with. He continues to spout increasingly ludicrous, baseless nonsense to those who find his sneering rhetoric ‘honest’ and ‘straightforward’, whilst those who rightfully point out that it is all dangerous, self-serving nonsense are shot down with his limited bag of well-rehearsed sound-bites. That the rabid Trump-fancier’s recent rally-style speaking tour of Australia, promoted by the owners of OZ’s favourite jazz-mag Penthouse, failed to provoke the uncritical admiration he was counting on, was illustrated by the opening night protesters’ chants of “Nazi scum out!”. A quick look at some of the comments he made down under starkly reveals the true extent of his unedifying views and his obsession with vicarious infamy. Referring to a US Trump rally he attended he told the assembled: “I like Trump. On that stage in Mississippi, when I came off the podium and shook his hand, he said ‘you will be my friend for life’ and, do you know what? I believe him.”
Farage’s shameless promotion of the barmy Brexit gang’s naked bid for power should be a powerful reminder that they and the ex-investment banker and MEP for the South East have more than a passing interest in making a killing out of the low-wage, low tax economy which will result from a no-deal EU exit.

Biblical toff Jacob Rees-Mogg has stirred up an inexplicable return of forelock-tugging from Britain’s working classes. I’m told that this is because news has leaked out about his plans to open a top hat factory in Sunderland following the throbbing, rock-hard Brexit he is so determined to achieve.

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