Reviewed by Angelica Campion

Posh Club has arrived in Hastings. Produced by Duckie, the arts company with a social conscience, it’s already in Crawley, Hackney and Elephant & Castle and will soon be in Brighton too. Oh and it’s not posh, it’s glam and under 60s are not allowed unless you’re an essential carer. Posh Club’s local production managers Dan Matthews, Dan Boyd and Anna Richardson have worked hard to get this off the ground in Hastings and it will run for a ten-week trial.

The venue is a church hall, which by all accounts was a dump until interior designer Anna waved her magic wand and she and a willing crew of volunteers transformed it for one hundred over 60s to have their first Posh Club experience. It’s only a fiver and you get unlimited tea, coffee, cakes, scones, all manner of sandwiches and to top it all – a glass of prosecco, all served on properly laid tables with ironed white cloths. Posh.

Then there’s the entertainment. Nightclub singers, an Elvis impersonator (who looked more like Reg Varney) a free raffle and a sword swallower.

Conjure up in your mind if you will, a sword swallower.

I know what you are thinking! A young woman in a corset, with a thong-naked bottom and a shed load of tattoos, actually swallowing real swords whilst ripping off her bodice to reveal silver nipple tassels. Is that what you were thinking of? No, you weren’t.

I was convinced we’d need to call an ambulance. Not for sword swallower MisSa Blue, I mean for the old gents, but surprisingly no one needed resuscitating. This was a bit disappointing to be honest, as it was all going far too smoothly. I was there as a volunteer waitress and the only accident was mine when falling over the same walking stick, twice.

The ladies and gents are encouraged to dress up and they certainly did. After the sword swallowing I asked Doris (85) who was wearing all the jewellery she owned, what she thought of the entertainment. “Well dear they do a lot of that kind of thing nowadays you know.” So, not shocked then. I couldn’t find any elderly ladies who disapproved of the naked bottom risqué act. “Hasn’t she got a lovely figure!” Enid (87) said of MisSa Blue.

All of this is so the over 60s can have an afternoon’s respite from being retired or cared for. Funded by The Arts Council, Big Lottery Fund and in partnership with Queen Mary University, Posh Club seems to have two purposes. To simply give something positive to people marginalised in the community, and to study the possible long-term beneficial effects of such a programme.

When I’m 64 I hope there’s a Posh Club for myself and my homies to go to.

This club should be mandatory in every city, town and village in the country.

It’s essential to telephone to book a place at Posh Club: 07848 831290 St John Evangelist Hall, Brittany Rd, Upper St Leonards, TN38 0RD Every Friday till 25th May: 12 noon – 3pm


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