Graduates in BA (Hons) Visual Communication – Photography held an exhibition of their work at East Sussex College, Hastings last Friday (June 14th). Chris Coombes reviews. 

L to R: Lucy Shaw, Mary Wilkinson and Katie Redfern – in front of her work and holding award.
PICTURE: Chris Coombes Photography

Katie Redfern Somnolence
For her body of work, Katie wanted to examine hypnagogia; the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. By exploring night photography, she started to create this transient state where, just as you enter the realm before sleep, every thought and dream possibility is changeable.

The image sequence shows an uncanny version of something that is familiar though different, as it is being viewed in a dreamlike state. By using night photography, she explored the process of falling asleep and entering this dream stage by walking off the path further into the unknown darkness, capturing her journey through the trees. 

Katie was awarded First Prize – National Collaborative Outreach Programme Arts Prize for Excellence.

Lucy Shaw Following the footsteps of Francis Frith
Lucy’s work was designed to emulate the work of Francis Frith, documenting British cities, towns and villages in a natural way. Through the collection and study of his postcards, she was able to recreate photographs of the exact locations, even using similar paper, continuing Frith’s intention to show how architecture and landscapes change over time. Lucy’s selected destinations are all places which she had either never previously travelled to, or had not visited in a long time. This is an on-going project.

Lucy was awarded Second Prize – National Collaborative Outreach Programme Arts Prize for Excellence.

Mary Wilkinson Untitled
Mary says: “Many people take colour photography for granted.” She has stripped back our modern technologies to the basic art of photography, celebrating it in its raw form – light, space and colour.

Her work is a celebration of the history of colour photography layered with an exploration of structure and space. Taking inspiration from artists such as Laura Letinsky and Janet Laurence, her body of work explores a world of new chances and beginnings and new ideas, rooted in historical understanding.

Paying homage to Albert Khan, his love for Japanese culture and his pioneering work to create peace and understanding through the use of colour photography, Mary invites you into this physical space to discover the beauty and peace of light, space and colour. 

Mary was nominated for a Higher Education 2019 Award for Excellence.

Katie, Lucy and Mary should be rightly proud of their achievements and are a credit to the teaching and facilities of East Sussex College, Hastings. Congratulations and so well deserved… 

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