Bavard Bar review
This month’s Bavard Bar at the Kino Teatr was a winner, diving headfirst into neuroscience, politics and paranormal theories without ever letting the pace drop. Rod Webb’s talk on ADHD shed light on the difficulty the trait can impose on performing the necessary everyday tasks, and a susceptibility to flaring tempers. However, he didn’t ignore the benefits, such as the ability to ‘hyperfocus’ on certain tasks, and a tendency towards creativity. Importantly, Rodd underlined how misleading it is to describe ADHD as a ‘disorder’, with a nuanced account of a condition rarely treated with the seriousness it deserves. Next up were crop circles, a topic journalist Kanna Ingleson tore into with brio and investigative intensity. She gave a whistle-stop tour of the history of the phenomena, from its heyday to its recent decline, politely ridiculing the true believers on the
way. Her immersion in that world gave us a unique insight into a meticulous, awe-inspiring process that is often shrouded in superstition. Finally, Kent Barker delivered a treatise on the undemocratic nature of our hereditary House of Lords, while adorned in full lordly garb, naturally. As a former journalist in the Houses of Parliament, Kent had an insider’s knowledge of the democratic process and the impact of an unelected, unrepresentative upper chamber. Overall, a varied and enlightening night, where passions and first-hand experience could shine on the stage.

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