Reviewed by Bill Walsh

Anthony McDonald is an established author who has lived and travelled widely, was born in Wittersham, and has lived most of his life in the Rye area – where he still lives.

His latest book Ivor’s Ghosts is a mystery/thriller set in the villages around Rye, and concerns the adventures of its hero – Ivor – from an early age. The reader is taken through the twists and turns associated with all mystery thrillers but what makes this a captivating read for a local audience is that it also takes one down the lanes, into the local pubs and businesses of Rye and its surrounding villages. Beautifully written and meticulously researched, anyone who knows the area will be able to follow the story with fixed images of the various locations. And any visitor to the area who wants to get to know the beauties of its ‘nooks and crannies’ could almost use it as a guide book whilst enjoying a good read on a short or holiday break.

Ivor is a complex character. Lonely, self-motivated, clever and hard-working, ruthless and yet ultimately vulnerable. He pushes his own way through life, riding the tide of good fortune when it comes along, and just getting on with things when it has turned. His relationships with others are shallow and casual. He is haunted by his past and doesn’t really know how to live a full and normal life, despite his best efforts. The Ghosts keep coming up!

The reader is taken to the edge, and like all good mysteries, to almost the last page, before things become clear – or as clear as they will ever be.

Ivor’s Ghosts is available from at £9.67 paperback or £3.99 Kindle edition.


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