Donald Trump gets ready to visit the UK, and Hastings gets ready to greet him by holding a ‘No to Trump’ meeting: Thursday 5th July, 6.30pm, Central Hall, Hastings, with speakers Amelia Womack – deputy leader of the Green Party, Lindsey German – Convenor of Stop the War, and local activist Maya Evans from Voices for Creative Non-Violence.

The meeting will be themed around the ongoing global wars and the environmental crises currently being aggravated and accelerated by President Donald Trump, coupled with a call to all UK citizens to unite and resist against one of the most powerful, yet irresponsible, leaders of our time.

Event organiser Rossana Leal said: “It is our duty to stand up and be counted in the Anti Trump campaign.  We have to question why our own Prime Minister sees nothing wrong in aligning our country with Trump’s misogynist, racist and warmongering policies. We are today witnessing the horrific treatment of people in the US, children being ripped from their mothers, separated and thrown into detention centres to name just one example. Future generations will judge us and ask, what did you do to Stop Trump and Theresa May?”

Chair of the meeting Gill Knight said: “The election of President Trump was truly a disaster for humanity and the environment; since he came to power he has recklessly dropped bombs on some of the poorest and most defenceless citizens in the world, he’s repealed legislation around protecting wildlife and reducing carbon.”

Gill added: “Our current Conservative government gets ready to greet Trump, and perhaps ask him for advice on handling Brexit, while we the ordinary citizens must get out and show him that his politics of fear, hate and racism is not welcomed in our country.”

The event aims to mobilise Hastings citizens for a mass Trump rally in London on Friday 13th July. All are welcome to attend this free Hastings event, there will be questions and answers from the floor and a chance to voice ideas on the other ways we can express our disregard for Trump’s mode of politics.

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