By Patsy Solankski 

Regarding Leave versus Remain, I don’t think that insulting someone’s IQ or calling them stupid helps one iota. A very clever, emotive and devious propaganda machine was used to separate this country, and it’s been extremely effective. I worked in advertising and recognise the way this was done; it was a campaign for a new product – Brexit. The country wasn’t ready for it but the campaign manager and his cronies wanted to cash in on investments that would make them millions.

Techniques such as humiliation and blame, ‘othering’ and appealing to people’s levels of safety and scarcity – to compound the austerity impact – was at the core of how this worked so well. Please try not to underestimate the immense amount of emotive propaganda that the Brexit party and now the Tory party are using. Stay frosty, alert and aware but insults and ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’ style smirking will divide this country even more and none of us can afford to be smug or superior. In that way, indeed through that ignorance, lies the fate of a strong Remain defeat; and we’ll have bloody earned it.

Othering is an old technique used to give the masses something
to send their frustration and imbalance towards. But you also infiltrate by other means; maybe, and I’ve thought on this a lot, by appealing to the others that we were all used, all lied to. Nobody is cleverer. It’s another technique used to divide us and use privilege against us. The Remainers have been stereotyped as the posh, wealthy, metropolitan exploiters of the Leavers. We’ve all been ‘othered’. 

Remember how united this country was in 2012? Remember the Olympics? Remember the World Cup? That wasn’t an illusion, it was very real. But in the minds of Cummings and his ilk there’s no quick money to be made in a country being successful and united. Always look at the men steering the ‘leaders’… follow the money. 

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