By David Francis

No. This Supreme Court Judgement does not restore hope. It does not fill me with optimism.

I’m not complaining about the spectacle of our Etonian overlords being made to look like fools. But we are skating on very thin ice when we rely upon a caste of unelected judges and political bureaucrats to safeguard us from the predation of Tories.

You can have as many Supreme Court rulings, legal requirements and Labour Party legislative manifesto promises as you like. But if we haven’t gained our living and working improvements and secured the safety and welfare of our families by hard, tough political and economic action, by solidarity, by the realisation and exercise of our own power, it is absolutely meaningless and it will, I promise you, it will, be taken away from us when the parliamentary political weather vane changes.

Lower working hours, decent pay, health and safety, tenancy rights, democratic rights, universal education were all hard won by our forebears: by our actual grandparents if you’re as old as me. If we think we will have those ‘rights’ and benefits for very long simply by the action of ‘Likes’, petitions and the opportunity to vote when the politicians decide to call a General Election, we are extremely irresponsible, naïve and foolish and it will come back to bite us.

I don’t know what else to say. The least you could do is join a trade union.

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