Amber Rudd, MP for Hasting & Rye, 
on the suspension of Parliament

6th June 2019 to a number of reporters
I think it’s outrageous to consider proroguing Parliament – we are not Stuart kings.

16th June to Sky News
The idea of leaving the EU to take back more control into Parliament and to consider the idea of closing Parliament to do that is the most extraordinary idea I’ve ever heard… It is a ridiculous suggestion…  For a start it would involve approaching the Queen, and nobody should consider doing that. Suspending Parliament would be absolutely outrageous.

14th July to Andrew Marr 
I think that proroguing Parliament would be a mistake… I would use my own tactics to try and stop that happening, and I encourage anyone else to consider their own version as well. 

13th August to the BBC 
I will play my part in Cabinet and privately with the Prime Minister and with ministers in arguing strongly for parliamentary sovereignty. And, you know, I’m a Member of Parliament. The Prime Minister and all Cabinet members are Members of Parliament. We need to remember where our authority comes from.

28th August Asked by a reporter in Belfast for a response to the announcement of the prorogation of Parliament 
I’m going to continue doing my job as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

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