The MP and fake, Priti “Vacant” Patel, whose shameless ambition knows no bounds, guested on “Question Time” last Friday. She appeared comfortable with the fact that the only response to her repeated failure to negotiate the greasy pole without sliding back down again appears to have been to accept the job of professional liar for the Hard Brexit gang. Whole, undigested, wild untruths spilled from her gob like cluster mines without the remotest hint of self-doubt. She managed to bullshit confidently about borders, customs arrangements and the import/export trade, none of which she has the remotest idea about, with the air of a person who has been tipped off about a horse by a stable lad. No doubt her blind loyalty will earn her “a drink” out of this, but Lobbytroll’s guess is that she will never be privy to the lashings of cash made by her cynical puppetmasters, should the ship hit the iceberg. Don’t be surprised if, should the horrendous national catastrophe of a “no-deal” Brexit occur, certain persons (who you know and I know but keep it under your hat), will make a financial killing the like of which was never seen before. And then just bugger off, laughing all the way to the offshore bank, just as all the lorries start filling up the M20 with rotting food.

I hope East Sussex County Council keep us reliably informed about the growing threat of massive public service withdrawal already being experienced by the likes of Northampton County Council (NCC), who were forced to hold an emergency meeting recently to discuss “rigorous controls” on spending across the board which will be necessary to cope with the £70m cuts it has been ordered by central government to implement by next March. Matt Golby, leader of the Conservative controlled NCC, which has been accused of being a ‘shambles’, claimed the council faced “incredibly challenging times” ahead – not too strong a phrase considering Northampton must now implement savage cuts (some of which may appear familiar to residents of East Sussex) in areas such as adult social care and  children’s services including those with learning difficulties, road maintenance and waste management, arts, culture and staff redundancy. Having had rigorous spending controls imposed twice in the last six months, NCC’s finances have been described as “in
a perilous state”. Perhaps East Sussex County Council could be persuaded to share with us exactly what sort of “perilous state” we might end up in should present austerity-led circumstances and petty party bickering continue to dominate their budget plans.

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