This issue Sara Young took to the streets of Hastings to find out what people are predicting for the world of politics next year.

“From what I have seen on the National Press, I think there’ll be more tug of war with Trump and Brexit and nothing will be resolved until they get on with it, and we’ll all be a lot happier once they do. Trump might be a bad President, but then again, he might not be. He might be the next Reagan. It’s sink or swim.”
Lisa Sample

“I’m not much of a political person but I know there’s a lot of poor areas in Bexhill and Hastings. I work for a care service and there aren’t enough staff that provide care, so the elderly and disabled are struggling. I’m not sure where Hastings and Bexhill will be politically as we’re changing the reach of who we support. At the moment, some of my clients have lost support from the council to remove clinical waste and they’re having to fund this themselves for example. Even though they’re paying for this privately, it’s not timely and the rubbish just mounts up. I think this is all influenced by politics, and they’re still making cutbacks.”
Jake Aldred

“I think there’ll be a revote for Brexit and there’ll be lots of protests and people who are annoyed.”

“No you can’t revote, you’ll just get the same outcome. People can’t be given freedom of speech and then complain about it. Next year will all be about American politics and we’ll be ignored for a while until 2018, especially because Trump’s p***ed off China.”

“A lot of our friends are really divided by Brexit and politics at the moment.”
Jess, Chloe, Billy 21

“Not a lot will happen. Not much happens down here anyway as far as politics is concerned. Nothing will really happen until the next general election.”

“I would think that with the disarray in the Labour party, as much as people want the Conservatives out, I would suspect another Tory victory with a slim majority. The EU is becoming more of a tangled mess and foreign policy – the Rise of Russia and suspicion that Trump will start a war with China.”

“He’s the one to ask – he shouts at the telly!”

“Strooth! If they don’t pull their finger out and tell them across the water what for then things will get worse. Too many people want to stay in the EU that weren’t satisfied with the result. We can only just hope.”

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