Dave Young argues that while the Labour Leader seems to be hanging himself over the anti-Semitism row, someone else is providing the rope

I tend to prefer cock-up to conspiracy theories when considering most political events. One advantage of getting older is a wider historical perspective against which to make comparisons.

Take the current travails of Jeremy Corbyn. I don’t doubt there’s anti-Semitism in the Labour party – it still exists in wider society, so the left is unlikely to be an exception. There’s also little doubt Labour’s current leader has handled the issue maladroitly.

You’ve been a professional politician for 30 years, Jeremy. Please do better; particularly now when the country is in dire need of a new government. If there was an election next month we would have a choice of utterly crap, or not quite so crap. Thanks for that.

However, there’s something strange about the current anti-Semitism row and its enduring prominence in the media. Every time the news cycle seems to die down the controversy returns to the headlines of a predominantly right wing press delighted to have stick to beat Corbyn with. (Compare his past support for those of us who took to the streets to stop fascists with the Daily Mail’s championing of Oswald Moseley.) Boris Johnson makes repeated offensive remarks about Muslims, there’s a brief story in the papers and it disappears. The Tory party is endemically Islamophobic (even according to some of its members) and yet somehow this issue never endures in the news agenda.

The state of Israel is currently under unprecedented condemnation from across the world (not the UK obviously, Theresa May has no moral principles) for inhuman treatment of the Palestinian people. Some may recall its (well documented) backing for South Africa’s apartheid government. Desperate to deflect criticism, it dreads the prospect of a less than sympathetic future Labour government.

Conspiracies are by defintion hard to prove, but the Israeli government and security agencies have shown themselves to be formidable adversaries in the past.

Correlation is not causation, but while Corbyn may be busy hanging himself, I can’t help thinking someone in the shadows is ensuring the necessary rope…

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