Former Hastings Liberal Democrat candidate Nick Perry argues Amber Rudd should have departed sooner from a government that is bolstering racism

As an opposing candidate to Amber for the last three general elections, I am surprised that this matter of honour, and responsibility to the Windrush generation, did not result in her going much sooner.

But as an ardent pro-European, I understand that there will have been pressure from many in her own party for Amber still to have ‘remained’ around the Cabinet table.

Sadly, the government’s cack-handed approach to Brexit and immigration policy has given the institutional racism that still exists in British society a shot in the arm.

Even the Hastings & St Leonards Observer preferred on Friday to cover the local MP singing wartime songs at a nursing home rather than stand up for the British Caribbeans living in our constituency. Windrush wasn’t a local story as far as their news editor was concerned…

What a disgrace.

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