The Trinity Triangle Heritage Action in Hastings is a four-year regeneration programme supported by Historic England and administered by community company Heart of Hastings (HoH). As HIP reported last September, its aim is to “re-purpose derelict buildings as productive community spaces, restore iconic heritage features of the high street and provide a cultural and educational programme for local people and visitors”. 

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Final confirmation of the £2m funding offer was received from Historic England in March 2020. Delivery should have started in April. It has been obviously slowed by the Covid-19 outbreak, but the programme’s Partners Board, which includes Hastings Borough Council (HBC), convened on 2nd April to approve allocation of £405,000 to White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures for part of the works at the Observer Building, matched with an equal sum from European CHART (Connecting Hastings And Rother Together) funding. This element of the works is expected to begin on site in November/December 2020.

PICTURE: Dave Young

In the meantime HBC has secured Historic England funding for conservation expertise (a part-time officer) to assist with the Heritage Action programme, and HoH are currently promoting three separate grant programmes which local businesses or community organisations can bid for:

• Built Fabric Grants to restore and repair existing buildings. Bidders will need to be able to provide some match funding and propose eligible works; 

• Funding for Social Spaces to improve public or social space in the area, such as a replacement for the memorial clock tower, a better seafront garden or improvements on the alley behind Claremont;

• Neighbourhood Stories: to work on a creative project sharing ideas and stories about the Trinity Triangle and America Ground. 

PICTURE: Dave Young

In addition HoH are gathering local opinions about making part or all of the area a pedestrian precinct. The aim is “to benefit as many people as possible who work in, live in and use the Trinity Triangle”. 

Views can be expressed online at, but hurry: it is hoped to gather full responses by the end of this month. 

For further details of the grant programmes, see the HoH website

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