Join the march on Saturday 16 April to say “We Support The Junior Doctors – We Support The NHS”. Meet at Hastings Pier at 2pm.

12991964_764238743676565_232386646_oYou don’t have to stand on the junior doctor’s picket line outside the Conquest Hospital for long before you understand how extremely popular their strike is – from an ancient Morris Minor to the fanciest Range Rover, from white vans to huge articulated lorries – everyone is honking their horns and giving the thumbs up in support of the bedraggled doctors standing in the pouring rain with signs that say “Junior doctors on strike because they care”.

Later, at one of the regular “Meet the Doctors” roadshows organised by Hastings Solidarity in the town on strike days, it’s also clear from chatting to local people that they understand what’s at stake here. There is a constant stream of people coming up to offer their encouragement to the junior doctors – urging them to keep fighting because the NHS is under attack. People queue to sign cards of support and shake the hands of the doctors, story after story is related of life-changing or life-saving treatment. The depth of support is genuinely moving.

The junior doctors see what’s going on every day, which is why they voted 98% in support of the strike action. They have fought a strong and united battle. The Tory Government’s policy of “death by a thousand cuts” is pushing the NHS to breaking point so that privatisation will seem like the only viable option. If we care about the NHS we need to do something about it. We need to support the junior doctors.

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