By Dave Young

Anyone walking, cycling or driving around St Leonards can’t help but notice the dire state of the roads; but it’s no use complaining to Hastings Borough Council, all of these thoroughfares are the responsibility of East Sussex.

Three out of the four corners of Warrior Square currently have longstanding and serious problems. A large area of the surface at the T-junction with St Margarets Road has a wide area of surface damage, tempting cars to cut the turn in order to avoid it. Potentially more dangerous, at the junction with the Norman Road one-way system the ‘give way’ markings for traffic heading west and turning left into two lanes are almost completely worn away – a situation made worse in the dark and wet, and cause of several near misses by tourists unfamiliar with the local road layout.

At the Warrior Square traffic lights buses and trucks have made deep ruts, a particular danger both to cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road.

Traffic turning at the very busy junction from the A259 north onto London Road is confronted with extensive surface damage, splits and potholes across the entire layout of the junction.

While it’s true this is an area of particularly heavy use, it is hardly an isolated issue. Pevensey Road, Station Approach and Chapel Park Road above the railway tunnel, all in the immediate vicinity, have similar serious problems, existing for at least a year but not repaired, despite East Sussex County Council’s claim (below) that they are subject to annual checks. Road surface maintenance in central Lewes, where ESCC has its offices, is substantially better.

An East Sussex Highways spokesman said: “We carry out regular safety inspections on all our roads at least once a year, to assess the condition of the road and see if it meets the criteria for repairs.

“Sometimes a road may be in a generally poor condition as well as having potholes, in which case the highways steward would recommend more extensive work such as patching or surface dressing to extend the life of the road and prevent the need for repeat visits.

“We are planning for larger scale improvements for the junction of London Road and Grand Parade, and for Warrior Square, as part of our capital programme. Planning and design for both locations is in development, and dates for the work will be announced in due course.

“People can report potholes and other road defects to us online.” 

The website accepting online reports is at


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