After a week of hearing extraordinary ideas emanating from the Home Office and splashed across mainstream media – one to send all asylum seekers arriving in the UK to camps on remote islands in the south Atlantic, another to create waves in the English channel to wash migrant boats back to France – groups supporting the rights and aspirations of refugees will be holding a “weekend of action” around the country this coming Saturday and Sunday, 10th and 11th October. 

The action will be co-ordinated around a slogan “Solidarity Knows No Borders” (#SKNB), protesting at the government’s “hostile environment” policy and focussing on demands for:

• The removal of obstacles to safe passage
• The expansion and extension of government resettlement programmes.

In Hastings the action is being promoted by the Refugee Buddy Project led by Rossana Leal under the heading: “A Weekend of Celebrations: Hastings Welcomes People Seeking Refuge.”  On Saturday banners will be dropped by drones along beaches from Fairlight to Bexhill, for unfurling by groups of up to six people (to comply with Covid-19 regulations).  Anyone who would like to participate is invited to band in a group, making their own banner, if they choose, on the theme of welcome; a specific beach groyne can then be allocated to them for the drop. 

Suggested sub-slogans are:
• Seeking Refuge is a Human Right
• Safe and Legal Routes NOW
• Stop Militarising the Channel
• End Illegal Deportations
• Solidarity Knows No Borders
• End Detention
• No Detention Camps

Film footage will be created, edited and released the following day on social media.

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