Residents in Hastings will receive a sticker to remind them of the main items they can recycle at home. A sticker is being sent out to residents across the borough along with their annual calendar which includes a comprehensive list of items that can be recycled as well as showing waste and recycling collection dates for the Christmas period and the year ahead.

Residents are asked to attach the sticker to their main recycling container as a handy reminder of what can be recycled.

Across East Sussex, 42 per cent of waste is recycled, but around a quarter of what’s thrown in people’s rubbish bins could still be recycled.

People can help by remembering to recycle all their plastic bottles; plastic pots, tubs and trays; paper and card; foil and cans and food and drink cartons – and by keeping recycling clean, empty, squashed and unbagged.

Cllr Warren Davies Hastings Borough Council’s lead member for environment said: “People in Hastings do a fantastic job of recycling their waste but we can always do more.

“By recycling more rubbish, residents can help us to reduce the amount of waste that is burnt to create energy or goes to landfill,further reducing our carbon footprint. Recycling also saves money for essential community services.

“By attaching the sticker to recycling containers, hopefully it will act as a reminder as to what can be put in them and will encourage people to recycle even more. Deliveries of the sticker and calendar start next week (W/C December 5th), look out for yours!”

  • More information about what can be recycled in your area can be found at