A Facebook group banding together under the heading Hastings Stop and Think Event will be convening a second public meeting at the bandstand in Alexandra Park next Sunday afternoon (30th August). Its purpose is to demonstrate popular opposition to government handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Speakers will challenge the benefits of mask-wearing, social distancing and other lockdown provisions, and accuse those in mainstream political positions, both in the UK and elsewhere across the world, of using inappropriate coercive powers to enforce unnecessary restrictions, while suppressing scientific evidence or analysis which challenges the dominant narrative.

Gabriel Harrison addresses audience in Alexandra Park on 14th August
PICTURE: Suzie McFie

A first meeting was held at the park bandstand two weeks previously on the evening of 14th August. Convened with only four days notice by local dance studio teacher Katy-jo Murfin with some limited publicity on social media and a printed leaflet, it attracted an audience of around 150 adults of all ages, sitting or standing in groups with minimal social distancing. Almost none wore masks; hugs and kisses were routine forms of greeting.

Mrs Murfin gave the initial address herself, arguing for a stand against “tyranny” and calling for people to exercise their own choice as to whether to comply with the destructive policies put forward by those in authority. Dance, her own “beautiful industry”, was just one element of the social economy being destroyed.

“When they call another lockdown, what would happen if we just said no?” she asked, while warning that the 2020 Coronavirus Act gives government unprecedented powers to enforce its dictates.

Another speaker, Gabriel Harrison, disparaged the government propaganda aided by mainstream news media. “We’re told it’s for our own safety. But all the time government asks us to exchange freedom for security.” The ultimate aim, he said, was to re-set the world economy. And a second lockdown will come, he predicted, “if we comply”.

Wide applause was gained from the majority of the audience for attacks on “Big Pharma’s record of suppressing or buying off its challengers, and on Bill Gates’ control of mainstream medical institutions in the pursuit of vaccine solutions. Some wilder material was received with more apparent skepticism.

As the event drew to a close, a police car – seemingly on routine patrol of the park rather than specifically summoned – drew up at the audience fringe. The driver asked a bystander what was going on; she was invited to stop and listen, and did so for a short while, then drove away.

Since the meeting on 14th August, the Stop and Think Facebook group started by Mrs Murfin has expanded to encompass nearly 1,000 members. Mrs Murfin’s post announcing the further event on the 30th starts – “Hello lovely people! It’s amazing to see how many we have on this page now and just how many are questioning what is going on in the world and what our future will actually be like if we carry on blindly trusting and believing those in power!”

She indicates that this second event will be planned and prepared rather more than the first; however, there will be an open mic session at the end for anyone that would like to share important information. “Whatever it is, we welcome anyone to get on the mic and feel able to speak freely. Keeping freedom of speech is essential, more so now than ever before!”

Speaking personally, she told HIP: “The human race has, ever so slowly, traded freedom for security. It’s a totalitarian tiptoe, but the speed is increasing, it’s cranking up…

“Why are people behaving like this? If you rank coronavirus among current deadly things, it comes in at around number 20. So why are we destroying the economy and people’s livelihoods?” 

A national demonstration under the banner Unite For Freedom is due to take place in Trafalgar Square at 12 noon on Saturday 29th August. Mrs Murfin herself says she will be attending, as will numbers of others from Hastings.

The Hastings Stop and Think event is being held the following day, Sunday 30th August at 2pm at the Alexandra Park bandstand. Anyone who would like to speak then should email [email protected] 

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