A new organisation called ‘Stop 5G’ has been launched in Hastings. It aims to raise awareness of the potential health hazards from wireless radiation coming from the new mobile phone network. The 80 members who have so far signed up in the town join an estimated 17,000 nationally. They plan to persuade local and national government in the UK to join municipalities in Brussels, Rome and Switzerland demanding a moratorium on the introduction of 5G until safety issues have been investigated and addressed. 

Liz Bygrave, one of the founders of the local Stop 5G group, told the Hastings Independent: “We want to raise awareness and encourage people to lobby their MPs, councillors and government departments. We hope that Hastings Borough Council will work with us to oppose the rollout, possibly refusing planning permission for new masts.” 

5G technology works on higher frequencies that will involve a major increase in the number of antennas – possibly on multiple lampposts along residential streets. As the radio waves are easily blocked, there are fears that thousands of trees might be removed. When Hastings Stop 5G lobbied the Green Party at a rally in the town before the European elections, the Greens expressed concerns about the potential felling of trees and called for more scientific evidence about negative effects.

According to Liz Bygrave, there are ‘numerous risks’ associated with wireless radiation. “Do you really want faster mobile coverage at the expense of your health?’ she asked. “We’re not looking at direct action at this stage, but we will be organising public events with national speakers in the coming months.” 

• For more on the potential health risks associated with 5G and wireless technology see “Coming to a Lamppost Near You” here.

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