Hastings Borough Council has approved £35,000 to install 15 new electric vehicle charging points by the end of this financial year, part of the climate change action plan to help make Hastings carbon neutral by 2030.

Work has already begun in Pelham Place car park and Marina car park by removing two faulty EV chargers and replacing them with four new ones. A grant application has also been made to the Accelerated Towns Fund for £15,000 to support the expansion of the town centre electric vehicle infrastructure. If approved it will be supported by the council’s own funds to install 10 new chargers at the Priory Street multi-storey car park, two new chargers at Carlisle Parade car park and a further two new chargers at Pelham Place car park.

However, some electric vehicle owners question whether the charging points are adequate and claim that time restrictions on parking adjacent to them render the facilities useless.

RAPID chargers fill a battery in around 35 minutes, new FAST chargers are said to take 11-14 hours and be restricted to 30 minutes use. 

A council spokesman said: “Most drivers top up charge rather than waiting for their battery to recharge from empty to full. Charging an electric car is similar to charging a mobile phone; you top it up during the day if you need to and give it a full charge at home overnight. 

“There are still RAPID chargers in other locations across Hastings: they can be found via the Zap Map website zap-map.com/live

Despite this, online critics claim the new chargers best suit hybrid (petrol/electric) rather than fully electric vehicles. 

Larger local supermarkets, such as Morrison and Tesco (Church Wood Drive branch), also provide charging points, as does the Esso filling station in Bohemia Road and Bannatyne Gym on the Ridge. 

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