Mike EDWARDS (Con);
Jane HARTLEY (Lab);
Andrea Needham (Green); 

Nick PERRY (Lib Dem)

Conservative stronghold: the party picked up over 61% of the vote in 2021. Mike Edwards, up for re-election, faces high profile opponents in long-time Lib Dem constituency candidate Nick Perry and Green activist Andrea Needham but they may merely eat into the potential Labour vote.


Hannah FISHER (Con);
Dan HOPE (Green);
Emlyn JONES (Lib Dem);
Mike TURNER (Lab)

Conservatives shocked Labour here in 2021 when Cllr Ron Cooke defeated Warren Davies. Mike Turner may face a similarly close contest.


Craig ANDREW (Con); 

Veronica CHESSELL (Lib Dem); Nicholas DAVIES 

(The British Communist Party); 

Margi O’CALLAGHAN (Lab); 

Sally PHILLIPS (Green)

Should be safe Labour. Margi O’Callaghan, former Charities Committee chair in Kim Forward’s cabinet before
being defeated in Silverhill in 2021, replaces retiring councillor Sue Beaney as the party’s candidate.


Sue CLARKE (Con); 

Becca HORN (Green); 

Judy ROGERS (Lab); 

Jonathan STOODLEY (Lib Dem)

Claire Castle won for Labour in 2021, but defected to the Greens in December. They will have a second seat in their
sights here, though Judy Rogers, former mayor and cabinet member, is a longstanding ward representative.

Central St Leonards

Tony COLLINS (Green);
Ruby COX (Lab);
Steve MILTON (Lib Dem);
Mus SAMADI (Con)

Ruby Cox, deputy mayor, may face a strong Green challenge from Tony Collins here.


Gabriel CARLYLE (Green);
Kenan HAKKO (Lab);
John RANKIN (Con);
Robert WAKEFORD (Lib Dem)

Another Conservative stronghold.  John Rankin seeks re-election after Cllr Paul Foster (Con) scored the highest percentage of votes cast in any ward in the borough in 2021. 


Kim FORWARD (Lab);
Amanda JOBSON (Green);
Chris MEADEN (Con);
Susan STOODLEY (Lib Dem)

Kim Forward, recently resigned council leader, seeks re-election. Greens came second in this ward a year ago and will challenge again.


Paul BARNETT (Lab);
Tracey LORD (Green);
Stuart MURPHY (Con)

New council leader Paul Barnett seeks re-election in a traditionally safe Labour ward.

Maze Hill

Justin GREENLAND (Lab);
Terry KEEN (Lib Dem);
Beccy MCCRAY (Green);
Andy PATMORE (Con) 

Andy Patmore, leader of the Conservatives, should be the comfortable winner in his own backyard.

Old Hastings

James BACON (Lab); 

Kim HOLLIS (Con); 

Benjamin PACEY (Green)

This ward is a prime target for the Greens after Cllr Julia Hilton’s historic victory last year, and their candidate Benjamin Pacey may be assisted by the absence of any Liberal Democrat candidate. However, sitting Labour member James Bacon, current mayor, has a strong local following.


James HOLLIS (Con); 

Gary ROLFE (Green); 

Simon WILLIS (Lab)

A battleground between Labour and Conservative.  Andrew Battley has stepped down, his place as Labour candidate taken by Simon Willis. Cllr Alan Hay (Con) won here last year.


Dave CAREY-STUART (Green); 

Sophie DE-ROE (Con); 

Lee GRANT (Lib Dem); 

Nigel SINDEN (Lab)

Another potentially close contest between former mayor and sitting Labour member Nigel Sinden and Conservative challenger Sophie De-Roe. Cllr Lucian Fernando (Con) beat Margi O’Callaghan here in 2021.

St Helens

Andy BATSFORD (Lab); 

Lucy BRENNAN (Green); 

Bob LLOYD (Lib Dem); 

Laurie LOE (Con)

Labour were shocked here in 2021 when Cllr Peter Pragnell (Con) polled almost 50% of the total vote, comfortably defeating Antonia Berelson (Lab). Andy Batsford, high profile cabinet member for housing, may struggle to retain his seat.


Liam CROWTER (Lab); 

Glenn HAFFENDEN (Green); Judith SILLEM (Con)

Peter Chowney, former Labour leader, has retired but it will be a surprise if his replacement as candidate Liam Crowter does not win comfortably.

West St Leonards

Matthew BEAVER (Con); 

Sherry CLARK (Green); Christopher MUNN (Lab); Stewart RAYMENT (Lib Dem)

Matthew Beaver’s championing of local causes such as the SOBS (Save Our Bathing Site) gives him a high profile here; opposing candidates may find it hard to make inroads.

Wishing Tree

John CANNAN (Lab); 

Stephanie FAWBERT (Green); Roger STREETEN (Con)

Cllr Alan Roberts had a close call when winning this ward last year for Labour.  The party’s new candidate John Cannan, replacing Phil  Scott, may face a strong challenge from the Conservative Roger Streeten.

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