“Hastings Labour is a street-level working-class party, and that is what fundamentally divides us from the other local parties. We are a group of councillors and candidates that reflect the whole of Hastings, all communities. Those struggling on zero-hour contracts, those renting, those counting the pennies as we feed the electric meter as well as those who have worked hard all their lives and have some security but now fear for their children and grandchildren as they see their life chances being stripped away by a heartless Tory government determined to bring Hastings and its council financially to its knees.

The key issue is the demand for a fair share for our town, a fair share of funding, a fair share of resources and fair share of core, sustained investment. Be that fighting for better funding for our schools and children who come from some of the poorest socio-economic backgrounds in the country let alone the county, better resources and funding for health for a town with such poor health inequalities, or the embarrassing state of our roads.”


“Labour have been in control of Hastings Borough Council for the past 12 years and have run out of ideas and energy. They have substantially increased the town’s debt to the tune of £65 million and have been using reserves (the town’s savings) to balance the books. A Conservative council will review all council spending from day one, and make any necessary decisions to keep the town solvent. 

Although the town faces sanctions from the government for not building enough housing, a Conservative council will not allow all our green spaces and playing fields to disappear. There are still many brownfield sites like Ore Valley which could provide much needed housing: these sites will be our main focus.“


“When you elect Greens you get practical policies that make a real difference to people’s lives – for example in Lewes, where the Green-led council has co-operated with other local councils to provide home insulation for 40,000 homes with a focus on social housing.

We have spoken to hundreds of residents across Hastings and St Leonards over the past few weeks, and will be speaking to many more in the weeks to come. We have heard over and over that people are fed up with politics as usual. People want to be listened to, they want policies which will improve their lives and address the serious issues of our time. Many are telling us that they are going to vote Green for the first time because they feel that we are offering a real and positive change.”

Liberal Democrat

“We have two main objectives. To call out Conservatives and their party’s shocking behaviour at Westminster during lockdown. And to call out Labour locally, for their arrogance and refusal to listen to local people, particularly on planning matters.

We Lib Dems are standing on a manifesto broadly similar to our 2021 document, with an additional focus on sports partnerships as a way of tackling poverty and building stronger communities, post-pandemic.

We hope our national messaging about the cost of living crisis, and imminent costs to our environment and waterways will resonate with local residents.”

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