By Suzanne Kelly 

Ronia Fraser, who is a resident of St Leonards, has been chosen as ‘UK Business Woman of the Year 2021’ for her consultancy in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

The award, made by a panel convened by entrepreneur Debbie Gilbert, is designed to recognise the achievement of women across a wide range of business categories and open to any female business owner, not just from the UK. A new category for 2021, International Businesswoman, recognises women based anywhere in the world.

Ronia’s roadmap to narcissistic abuse recovery has gained her international recognition; she is considered a pioneer in the field. For the last four years the certified chartered accountant turned trauma recovery coach and clinical hypnotherapist has helped abuse survivors worldwide get back on their feet, regain their mental health and recover. Her award-winning trauma recovery programme has, she says, helped the likes of doctors, lawyers, accountants, head teachers, senior managers and executives, business founders and high-flying performers who are strong, independent, smart, successful and powerful women.

While she now helps others, she says she was once a victim of narcissistic abuse herself. 

Abusers use a variety of techniques to secure a partner such as ‘love bombing’ (constant, exaggerated praise) when the relationship is new, acting gentle, kind, honest and loving. As the relationship progresses however, the narcissist’s true colours emerge. They will belittle, berate, ‘gaslight’ and visit different forms of abuse on their partners. They often seek to separate their partner from family and friends, isolating them from help and means of escape. Leaving abusive, manipulative partners can be extremely difficult; those who go through the experience often feel understandably insecure and lose self-confidence.

According to Ms Fraser’s Facebook page: “We all have building blocks that make up who we are. Financial, emotional, psychological, reputational, aspirational, relational, you name it. The narcissist comes along and pulls out one building block after the other until our whole life comes crashing down. This can even be instant. Some narcissists are so skilled that they will pull out your most fundamental building block straight away.”

Debbie Gilbert, the awards promoter, said: “This is a tough competition judged by business experts. To win is a major achievement. Winners were selected for their business acumen, creativity, and high levels of customer care.”

Ronia said: “Six years ago I had lost everything. My house, my career, my health, my dreams, myself. And I was told that there was nothing I could do about it. I proved them wrong. Today I run a successful trauma recovery coaching business. Winning this award isn’t only an acknowledgment of how far I have come but an incredibly strong signal to all abuse survivors out there that there is indeed a way out of the nightmare that is narcissistic abuse. It’s my rise from the ashes. And if I can, so can you.”

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