Big changes to our daily lives are inevitable. What part might you play in a sustainable future?

To respond to the ongoing climate emergency carbon emissions must stop – NetZero – reducing them is not enough. Any emissions from the way we live have to be balanced by absorbing an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Living sustainably means meeting our current needs without adversely affecting future generations. This will involve changing how we travel, heat our homes, even what we eat. Not polluting the environment, preserving nature and not exhausting finite resources. 

To help prepare for this new way of living the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex is holding a free to enter competition asking local residents the following questions:

  1. What does NetZero mean for me?
  2. How are we/am I going to afford becoming NetZero?  
  3. How would you like NetZero in Hastings to be achieved?
  4. How do we make sure that the transition to NetZero benefits everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind? 

To enter the competition simply write down your answers to one or all of the above questions and submit them to: [email protected] by 19th March 2021.

Submissions can be made by individuals, families and businesses/organisations. Answers should reflect participant’s experiences and preferably include practical ideas, hopes and plans for the future. Ideas specific to Hastings and the surrounding area are particularly welcome. Maximum 200 words for each question; you may also upload one image in support of your answer.

A selection of replies will be published in a special Hastings Independent supplement in April 2021. Submissions to the competition will be used to inform the next stages of community development for Hastings in the pursuit of NetZero and sustainable living in the area. 

Favourite answers will be voted for by the public on the HIP website and the best overall submission selected by a panel of Sustainability experts. Winners will be announced in the NetZero Supplement.

Entrants could win one of the following:

A £50 voucher for Chocolate Note; £50 voucher for Sugarpie Honeybuns; £50 voucher for Trinity WholeFoods; £50 voucher for Wonderfill, (matched by the shop owner). Other prizes may be added.

Useful facts

The UK achieving NetZero by 2050 is now law. It is happening. 

Because of the massive social transformations needed to adapt to climate change, our infrastructure needs to become sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to NetZero by 2050.

A transition to NetZero requires significant investment in the built environment, the natural environment and communities. What is invested in will determine behaviour and lifestyles far into the future.

Infrastructure is the essential services and networks supporting households. Both public amenities and private companies will be at the heart of achieving sustainability: e.g. buses running on renewable energy, electricity from wind and solar power. 

Changes won’t all occur at the same time, there will be many differences between, for example, towns and rural areas and some will get to NetZero before others. Each will have different costs and different benefits to those living there.

This will require not just practical changes – how we live and use energy – but also new roles for us taking an active part in decision making and supporting others, and that’s where you come in…

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