local media gets hip

the day local media got hip
was born out of disillusion
with what a small group of us saw
as blatant misrepresentation
of tight-knit community cohesion
in a town of creative compassion
which vultures of mainstream media
sensationalised as is the fashion
with bad news & fatuous conjecture
trivia & cultural chasms
til a one-sided story too far
spurred our hip heroes into action
let’s start up our own newspaper
what could we possibly lose
only our own time & money
& we’ve already lit the fuse
so a gathering soon came about
in the hub of a pub called the tub
where plans were discussed & agreed
in a sharing of tears sweat & blood
we knew little of media production
business layout design
distribution & adverts
we would learn all that stuff over time
the important thing is the message
speaking out for the real hastings
in a way that is true to the town
inclusive honest ground-breaking
so we started with sixteen pages
funded by friends & well-wishers
we wrote & we took some pictures
found ourselves a printers
our skills were naïve & nascent
but we laid our hearts on the line
took advice where we could find it
taught ourselves indesign
when the first issue hit the streets
it was immediately well received
inspiring new volunteers
to a press that the public believed
pagination is now twenty-four
with community-driven news
all-inclusive local culture
& a range of political views
volunteers come & go
we have no editor-in-chief
just a dedicated band of newshounds
with ambition passion belief
we celebrate issue one hundred
& our four & a half year trip
with the joy of collective achievement
now that local media is hip.


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